Friday, March 4, 2011

Sol Update

I extended the wings a little and tried to beef out his arms a little more. I also brought in his cheeks a little. A little to puffy for a Dragon!

Let me know so I can upwrap! Thanks! Hope you like it.


  1. The wings look good to me now. They seem better proportioned to the rest of the dragon's body now.

    As for his arms, it could just be a complaint from looking at it from this side perspective, but it almost looks like his forearms are a little too buff. It wouldn't strike me as that odd, but with respect to the size of his hands, the forearm seems a little big. I think that either minimizing the radius of the forearms slightly or increasing the size of its hands slightly will help make his arms look a little more natural (or as natural as one might think a dragon's arm should look).

    I hate to nitpick when you're so eager to start texturing, but if Kyle agrees with my concern, then that should be the last change needed. Otherwise, if he says it's fine the way it is, then by all means start texturing.

  2. Haha. It's cool. Nitpick away. I'm just trying to meet your deadline. That's all.

    I'll try to fix the arms again. :P