Art Assets

List is for the moment finalized. Only thing left to update is the format for the Credits screen.

HUD Elements - Menus
Restart Button - In-Game
Resume Button - In-Game
Return to Main Menu Button - In-Game
Confirm Quit (message with space inside it to display the two buttons below) - In-Game
Yes Button - In-Game
No Button - In-Game
Credits Screen - In-Game
How to Play Screen - In-Game
Options Screen (Should display the following options and be able to put a check box next to them, either unchecked or checked, except next to the Adjust Volume option. That one will need two buttons with a "+" and a "-" on them to place next to the volume option.) - In-Game (need to increase resolution to 800x600)
- Adjust Volume
- Invert Y Controls
- Fullscreen

Flying animation - In-Game
Gliding animation - In-Game
Shooting fire animation - Optional

Cloud Creature
Idle animation (arms crossed in front of him, default animation) - In-Game
Hurt animation (waves his arms in anger, 2 seconds long) - Optional
Corrupting animation (flexes his arms like a body builder for a second, then returns to Idle) - In-Game
Purified animation (stretches out arms before crossing them in front of him again, gradual movements, around 3 seconds long) - In-Game

Ground Plane
Some type of ground plane that can be put where the giant cloud currently is. - In-Game

Stormy sky texture - In-Game
Win Screen texture - In-Game