Sol Invictus 
(Casual, Action, Flight Simulator)

Sol Invictus is an action-based flight simulator that is aimed towards a casual gaming audience. You play as Sol, the dragon servant of the Sun, and your task is to purify all of the corrupt storm clouds in the sky so that the Sun's rays can reach the Earth. Corrupt cloud creatures will impede your progress by corrupting clouds that you have purified, so they will need to be purified as well, but they will only stay purified once all nearby clouds have become pure. Clouds spawn in waves. Purify all clouds and cloud creatures in the sky to clear a wave. Clear all of the waves so that the sky can become sunny and beautiful once more and appease the Sun.

Ryan Cassell

Producer, AI, Gameplay Logic, Debug, Audio

Elizabeth Kirby

Concept Artist, Environment Artist

Steven Hernandez

Lead Artist, Animator

Kyle Schwaneke

Game Designer, Graphics, Particles

Bobby Simpson

Physics, Input

Matthew Speake

Technical Director, Architecture, Wave Spawning Logic, Serialization