Monday, February 28, 2011

Title Screen Logo Request

This is something that I forgot to bring up during the last meeting. I mentioned before but didn't emphasize it to much that it would be really cool if our menu screen could be given a cooler look that's more consistent with our game. Anything would be a great improvement over our current menu's look.

If any of you are interested, we'd love to see some concept art for our main menu, particularly in regards to the font (feel free to try some different styles and the rest of us can offer input as to which ones seem to match our game the most). You're also welcome to offer art for our mouse cursor icon (which is the fireball, currently) if you'd like.

Also, Kyle was wondering if you guys would be willing to make a cool looking title logo screen for our game that he could put up on his personal website to show people at GDC what he's been working on. We can also plan on putting it into the game as well. It can be our game's title screen before the main menu appears. It just needs to have our game's title "Sol Invictus" and maybe our dragon as well. If you guys could work on this as well, that would be really awesome. It doesn't need to be done by GDC, so there's no rush, but anytime before the end of Spring Break would be really cool.

Of course, feel free to work on these things at your earliest convenience. Homework for other classes obviously comes first, as does taking some time for yourselves (this is Spring Break after all). Thanks in advance.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cloud Monster Thumbs

I honestly had no idea what direction to go with these guys; which in a way is fun because really...they're clouds, they can be any shape they want. Any-who, I was told during the meetings that these creatures would have two forms; a 'storm' form and 'friendly' mode. As for the reason why they have arms, I was going on a guess as every time asked how their mechanics worked they were described as being somewhat humanoid in shape; as least from what I remember.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Color Comps

I couldn't think much outside the box of being fiery and red, so if there's any other kind of color combination you want to see, just say so and I'll quickly dish it out! Feel free to continue critiquing the design, too, though I apologize for it being a bit unrefined at this point.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sketches Cont.

So the preferred dragon heads and bodies had similar shapes and styles, so I ran with them and focused more on design. These are all very general, but I hope to get more concrete, detailed designs in the next pass once I figure out a direction. Crit away!

Friday, February 11, 2011


Hey, guys! Here's a a few dragon sketches and an idea for your splash screen, tell me what you think!