Friday, February 18, 2011

Color Comps

I couldn't think much outside the box of being fiery and red, so if there's any other kind of color combination you want to see, just say so and I'll quickly dish it out! Feel free to continue critiquing the design, too, though I apologize for it being a bit unrefined at this point.


  1. I kinda like 4. It combines the concept of fire and the sky.

  2. I like 1, 5, and 8. They resemble what I see as something "Sun" godish. 4 might not be a great choice simply because your whole environment is a blue sky, causing him to fall into the background and be hard to see.

  3. was at first inclined to say 6, but I like kyle's thought on combining the fire and sky elements together.
    probably want to stray away from the darker colors a little, worried that once he enters the dark clouds it'll look like he's corrupted as well. might be able to prevent that by making the scales contrast with the body color, like what you're doing with the... uhh, dunno the technical term for it, the thing going down the back of it's neck.
    I liked the wings on 9, wouldn't fit too well with our design, but the colors flow really well. stupid sun, not having more pretty colors and such =\
    other than that I agree with kyle and steven, so i'm kinda torn between 4 and 5

  4. I like number 6's color for the main body and wings, but would like to see it's veins a different color, like different shades of blue, to help give it that element of the sky feel. For instance, I like the vein color of 7, that light blue.

    I also agree with trying different contrasting colors for the flame running down the dragon's spine and tail. Perhaps a shade of yellow or orange that stands out from the red of its body.