Friday, February 11, 2011


Hey, guys! Here's a a few dragon sketches and an idea for your splash screen, tell me what you think!


  1. Really cool. I like the design in the top left, but I think the dragon in the middle right side is amazing. The armor stuff looks cool. I wonder what armor made of fire would look like?

    As for heads, something between the dragon on the middle right and the dragon head in the center, slightly below the middle. The one next to the ? shaped dragon silhouette.

    Also the logo is awesome. I have no complaints about it.

    Dragon egg ftw! Wonder if we could work that in to being a cursor or file icon...

  2. Oh also, Ryan was telling me about the menu stuff. Maybe have the highlighted button be on fire!

  3. Epic win,
    what I like:
    -the voodoo doll has the kind of raggedy effect I was looking for, and the facial expression kinda says "ouch I has needles in mah back"
    -the top-left and mid-right dragons, the top-left one is flying in a way that reminds me of the dragon from the movie. the mid-right one looks like its on fire, love the wings and the tail on that one.
    -the little egg whelp!

    to get a 10 from me:
    -combine the top-left and mid-right dragons, like give it the tail and wings of the mid-right one, but have it's head a little closer to the shoulders like the top-left one has.

  4. Random thought we had. What if the needles ere Cat-5 cables?

  5. I love the splash screen. The doll is very cute. I also like the font style. It's very witch doctor - like, which makes it fit with the "voodoo magic" theme.

    The concept art for the dragon looks amazing. These are some very cool concepts.

    What I like:
    - Like pretty much everyone else on the team, I really like the body of the dragon on the mid-right. The proportions for the torso and legs look very good. I like the idea of having his wings and the spikes on the top of his tail be made of fire (at least that's what it looks like to me).

    - I personally like the head on the bottom-right. It has a minimalistic profile that looks easy enough to model and is easy enough to identify right away as the head of a dragon, but it still manages to have an expression that seems to exude pride and confidence. The spikes coming off the back of his head are very cool and those flames (again, what I presume to be flames) help to make him stand out from other dragons that people may have seen. I also like the shape of his mouth and eyes.
    Another thing that I like about this head is that since the player will be seeing only the back of the dragon's head (along with the rest of its body) for most of the game, having a dragon with a simplistic face but a distinctive scalp would make the work that would need to go into making those spikes and flame effects on the back of its head be far more worthwhile than any work that would be put into the dragon's face. The player would be spending most of his time looking at the back of the dragon's head and marveling at those cool flames.

    To get a 10 from me:
    - I think trying to combine the body of the middle-right with the head at the bottom-right, with the flames traveling from the back of his head, spread across his wings, and down along his tail would be very cool and fit the fiery feel what we're going for.

    - I'd also like seeing some more concept art where the dragon looks a little more "heroic" as opposed to "menacing". Among these, I'd say the best examples of a heroic-looking head would be the head in the second row from the top, second from the left, and the head at the bottom-right. Those two, to me, give off a heroic feeling, as opposed to the ones that seem more "devious and menacing", like the 4 heads in the bottom-left, the ones surrounding the cute baby dragon.

    - I also agree with Kyle to try an experiment wit the idea of the dragon wearing some kind of armor, perhaps something silver/metallic that would stand out among the dragon's flames. It doesn't necessarily have to cover it's whole body, but maybe it's chest, neck, and perhaps its forearms as well. Try out some ideas if you'd like.

  6. Awesome! Thanks for all the crit, guys. I like the idea of making the needles Cat-5s, I'll try painting that in there. I'll also take all of your notes and whip out another page of concepts that has more of a direction to it right away. I'm really hoping to have more sketches up by tomorrow or Sunday, so just check in on the blog and hopefully I should have another pass up!

    Thanks again!

  7. Thanks for the quick turnaround. You guys are awesome.