Sunday, April 17, 2011

Menu Things

Here's the new Options menu. At 800x600 and has a area to select which dragon model you want.

Here's the wave text. You wanted them darker... so I thought I'd try just a solid. Hope it's ok.

Then the How to Play button... it was a tight squeeze.

Hope you like it all!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Final Texture Request

These texture asset requests are optional but would be greatly appreciated if they could be done.

- Increase the resolution of the Options Screen from its current resolution of 320x161 to 800x600.

- Create another button texture that says "How to Play". This one may be required by our instructors as its one of our TCR's, which matter for our grade. It will basically replace our "Controls" button texture.

- Create a texture that says "Wave Start" and another texture that says "Wave Complete" of the same font style as the rest of the buttons, but preferably with a darker outline if possible. If not, no worries. These two textures would be greatly appreciated. Ideal resolution should be slightly smaller than the title "Sol Invictus" in the title screen.

That's it. Steven, I'll email you the .fbx of Tad that I re-centered a little bit closer to the origin for you to play around with removing his legs if you want. Not a big priority. Thanks in advance.

Credits Screen Layout

Here is what our current Credits screen looks like:

That white space on the right side was a mistake on my part when I used Paint.NET to make the screen. The resolution should be at least 800x600 and should be no bigger than 1440x900.

It is a REQUIREMENT that our credits include the Digipen logo and the latest copyright information for both Digipen and any other 3rd party applications that are used in the game, in this case, FMOD, which is the Firelight one.

Here is the desired layout for our final Credits screen:
(Format using *bold* and _italic_ text.)
Lead Producer
Ryan Cassell

Lead Game Designer
Kyle Schwaneke

Co-Game Designers
Ryan Cassell
Matthew Speake

Technical Director
Matthew Speake

Graphics Programmer
Kyle Schwaneke

Art Pipeline Programmer
Ryan Cassell

AI Programmer
Ryan Cassell

Gameplay Programmers
Ryan Cassell
Matthew Speake

UI Programmers
Ryan Cassell
Matthew Speake

Physics Programmer
Bobby Simpson

Input Programmer
Bobby Simpson

Debug Programmers
Ryan Cassell
Kyle Schwaneke

XML Programmers
Ryan Cassell
Matthew Speake

Sound Designer
Ryan Cassell

Audio Programmer
Ryan Cassell

Lead Artist
Steven Hernandez

Environment Artist
Liz Kirby

Character Artists
Steven Hernandez
Liz Kirby

Character Animator
Steven Hernandez

UI Artist
Steven Hernandez

Victor Cecci
Benjamin Ellinger
Cody Laine
Charlie Ngo
Ben Schofield
Marylyn Simpson
Peter Simpson
William Tan
Edward Tran

Executive Producer
Rachel Rutherford

Game Instructor
Benjamin Ellinger

Technical Instructor
Chris Peters

Claude Comair

Special Thanks
Joseph Ambrowiak
Frank Vanden Berghen
Jeffrey Cranor
Jay Gale
Peter Haas
Physics Club
Team Discotech
Team Nitronic
Team Lemon-Scented Games
Team Rough Morning Games
If there's anything any one on the team would like to add or have fixed on this layout, comment in this post before Saturday night. Otherwise, what you see here is what will be in the game, whenever Steven gets around to making it hehe.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Glide

Here's Sol's new glide. I tried to pull back on the tail swing as well as making it a bit longer. There is a slight hold on the tail when it moves to the left... that's just Quicktime adding an extra frame after the animation. Also, as you can see... the wings are a little weird. Still working on a solution to that.

Hope you like this one better then the last!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Buttons with Menu

The Yes and No are the same image size, so they just need to be placed over the top of the main button.

Here's the options menu.

All the extra buttons and such. Hope you like them!

Friday, April 1, 2011

More Buttons

Some of the missing buttons. I have a few questions about the rest that I'll bring up at the meeting. Hope you like these.