Friday, April 15, 2011

Final Texture Request

These texture asset requests are optional but would be greatly appreciated if they could be done.

- Increase the resolution of the Options Screen from its current resolution of 320x161 to 800x600.

- Create another button texture that says "How to Play". This one may be required by our instructors as its one of our TCR's, which matter for our grade. It will basically replace our "Controls" button texture.

- Create a texture that says "Wave Start" and another texture that says "Wave Complete" of the same font style as the rest of the buttons, but preferably with a darker outline if possible. If not, no worries. These two textures would be greatly appreciated. Ideal resolution should be slightly smaller than the title "Sol Invictus" in the title screen.

That's it. Steven, I'll email you the .fbx of Tad that I re-centered a little bit closer to the origin for you to play around with removing his legs if you want. Not a big priority. Thanks in advance.

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