Friday, March 4, 2011

Sol Model

Finished with Sol's model. It was definitely a challenge. I've never done a quadruped... let alone a dragon! But, I hope you guy like it! Let me know if I've got the OK so I can start unwrapping and texturing. Thanks!

Oh, and the wings will have fire as well. I just modeled it with the wings up... which makes it hard to place the polys. I'll attach them once skinned and his wings are laid flat.

Sol is 1801 Polys or 2180 tris.


  1. That looks fine to me. Let's wait for Kyle to comment on it before you start unwrapping and texturing. If he gives the all-clear, then we're good. I just want to get his opinion on the model as well. I'll let him know that you're waiting on confirmation from him to start. Model looks great, by the way.

  2. I like the general feel of it, but the arms seem a but off and stubby compared to the powerful legs. Also, do the planes that form the wings extend much beyond the skeletal structure? If they do not, these wings seem a bit small. The extending bones are fine, but the actual surface area of the wing seems small. Hope that helps.